Our Clients Say

“I was under the care of Ernest and his associates for five months following shoulder surgery and feel that I had excellent, enthusiastic treatment with superb results.  I was able to regain nearly full activities that were impossible a year ago!" ~Bruce

Dartfish Motion Analysis Programs


Dartfish Motion Analysis Programs (diagnostics)

As with the Alter G antigravity treadmill, our facility is the first in the Savannah area to use the Dartfish Motion Analysis Software in order to capture movements in super slow motion, revealing problem areas invisible at normal speeds.

Whether an individual is concerned about how their body mechanics are with regular activities of daily living or training for their first running or triathlon event, our clinicians will use sophisticated motion analysis software to thoroughly analyze body movement.

Our clinicians are able to digitize and play back recordings to analyze your movement for gait therapy, sports performance, throwing programs, and other functional movements and activities. Our clinicians use this cutting edge software to perform detailed Video Motion Analysis of our clients.  Our clinicians will then be able to properly correct improper biomechanical patterns and therefore improve the client's performance.


How do you diagnose injuries or find areas of improvement? 
We believe a solid diagnosis is the foundation for effective care. We use our expertise combined with cutting edge technology including:

What about programs to help athletes improve or prevent injury?

    What are some programs you have for injuries?

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